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Published in collaboration with Heyday.

King Sequoia

—William Tweed

Book coverFrom a towering tree, one of California’s preeminent naturalists unspools a history that echoes across generations and continents. Former park ranger William C. Tweed takes readers on a tour of the Big Trees in a narrative that travels deep into the Sierras, around the West, and all the way to New Zealand; and in doing so he explores the American public’s evolving relationship with sequoias. It comes as no surprise that the groves in Yosemite and Calaveras were early tourist destinations, as this species that predated Christ and loomed over all the world’s other trees was the embodiment of California’s superlative, almost unbelievable appeal. When sequoias were threatened by logging interests, the feelings of horror that this desecration evoked in people catalyzed protection efforts; in a very direct way, this species inspired the Park Idea. And sequoias’ influence doesn’t end there: as science evolved to consider landscapes more holistically, sequoias were once again at the heart of this attitudinal shift. Featuring an entrancing cast of adventurers, researchers, politicians, and environmentalists, King Sequoia reveals how one tree species has transformed Americans’ connection to the natural world. (Oct. 2016) More at Heyday's site.

Gold Rush Stories: 49 Tales of Seekers, Scoundrels, Loss and Luck

—Gary Noy

This book will present little-known tales of the California Gold Rush, featuring stories of searchers and scoundrels and telling unusual stories of struggle and serendipity. (2017)

Essential Handbook of the Sierra Nevada (working title)

—Joe Medeiros

Presently under development, The Essential Handbook of the Sierra Nevada (working title) will provide information on the art, history, natural history and public policy of the Sierra Nevada to visitor and resident alike. The handbook will be lavishly illustrated and contain colorful and informative maps.


Snowy Range Reflections

  • Excerpts from Gold Rush journals never before published (Spring 2016)
  • Wilsonia and national park inholdings

Journal of the Sierra College Natural History Museum

  • California State symbols related to the Sierra Nevada (Spring 2016)


  • to be determined

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