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Sierra College is in the process of developing materials that will help the institution move toward “proficiency” in Student Learning Outcomes by 2012.

Institutional Assessment Plan

The IAP identifies the process, timeline, participants and language of assessment at Sierra College
Institutional Assessment Plan

Institutional Outcomes

Also included in the IAP, the Institutional Outcomes reflect the scope of student learning at the college. The four main categories of the IOs (Communication, Technology and Information Competency, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Citizenship) will be assessed for students and staff on a 4-year cycle.
Institutional Outcomes

Use This Guide to Help With the Process of Entering Data Into Tracdat

Program Outcomes Reference Guide


A workbook based upon the contents of this website is currently being developed.

Entering Data

Use the following Reference Guide to enter your outcomes and assessment data into Tracdat:

  • Program Outcomes Reference Guide

Click here to access Tracdat

If you are a full-time or part-time employee of Sierra College and wish to have access to Tracdat, please contact Laurie Thiers, Department of Research and Planning.

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