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Rationale – Why Assess

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  1. We need to recognize where our students are having difficulties.
    1. Doing Assessment as if Learning Matters Most
  2. Assessment helps us to improve our teaching.  It informs us about what is and isn’t working in our classrooms.
  3. We want to improve our program strength, vitality, and currency and are willing to participate in the assessment process in anticipation of Program Review.
  4. We need the institution to invest in and support our programs as a part of the resource allocation process of ePAR. Assessment planning and results can be used to support resource allocation requests.
  5. We need to continue the assessment process as a requirement of accreditation.
    1. ACCJC Rubric
      Where to look on the ACCJC Rubric

Assessing student learning is already an important aspect of teaching at Sierra College. We formally and informally gauge the success of individuals in our classes and services and regularly consider how students have learned concepts and skills large and small. As educators, we strive to continually strengthen our teaching in order to improve student learning.

However, until recently, Sierra College did not have a formal institutional assessment plan in place. In response to the 2002 ACCJC accreditation requirements, we are now taking on a new level of responsibility in developing and implementing formal assessment in our teaching and our students’ learning. Faculty will lead and control this process. We are making changes toward keeping better track of what we assess and using those assessment results to inform revisions to our courses and programs.

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