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When Do You Assess?

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Fall Assess - Spring Improve

Programs at Sierra College participate in an annual cycle of assessment.

Fall - Assess

  • Meet with department during Flex Week to:
    • Identify outcome(s) to assess
    • Determine the courses in which assessment will take place
    • Decide on type of assessment(s) to use
    • Identify the criterion for the assessment. Decide what level of results you hope to achieve, for example, 70% of students score “satisfactory” or above.
    • Identify the lead faculty for the assessment process
  • Update Tracdat to include Assessment Method, Criterion, and Schedule
  • Complete assessment during the semester
  • Gather results for spring meeting

Spring – Improve

  • Meet with department during Flex Week
    • Share results
    • Discuss potential improvements to courses and program based on results
  • Update Tracdat to include Results and Action & Follow-Up
  • Enter goals and strategies in ePAR as appropriate
  • Make resource requests for improvements as necessary

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