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Cheerleading Coach Gets Seat on the STUNT Advisory Board

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Sierra College cheerleading coach Vanessa Munoz has been named to the STUNT Advisory Board!

The STUNT Advisory Board is charged with promoting the safety of the student-athletes and to help grow the sport. USA Cheer, the governing body for cheerleading in the United States, created STUNT as a way to heighten the cheerleading experience for female athletes. 

When asked what earning a place on the STUNT Board means to her, Vanessa said “To be asked to be a part of the STUNT advisory board is an accomplishment I would have only dreamed of since there are so many talented coaches all over the nation.  I am truly honored and so excited be a part of the future of cheerleading and STUNT!”

One of the primary objectives in the development of STUNT is the creation of new opportunities for female athletes at both the collegiate and high school level, while allowing traditional cheerleading to remain a vital and important part of a school’s spirit program. USA Cheer, the national governing body of STUNT, has been working closely with the Office of Civil Rights to ensure that STUNT can help high schools, universities, and colleges fulfill their gender equity requirements in this way.

Vanessa Munoz started cheerleading when she was 8 years old and cheered on numerous school sanctioned and all-star teams until she finished her competitive career at Sacramento State as co-captain in 2006. Her love for cheer is now found in coaching which she began when she was 15. Since then, she has coached at the high school and collegiate levels, Pop Warner, Club Spirit Rockets and also as a UCA staff member. While she enjoys coaching all age groups, her true passion is at the collegiate level where she believes the physical and mental maturity of her cheerleaders gives them the desire and ability to truly excel.

Vanessa began as an assistant/volunteer coach at Sierra College in 2006 and earned the position of head coach in May 2011. Vanessa said “Being a part of the coaching staff at the collegiate level is very rewarding on so many levels. The Athletic Director and staff at Sierra College are wonderful and so supportive of our program which makes my job that much better!”

When asked about her goals for the future, Vanessa said, “My goals for the team include getting them to an even higher level of difficulty and possibly competing at UCA Nationals in Orlando, FL.

The 2011-2012 Sierra STUNT team placed 3rd in Division 2 and 12th overall out of 23 teams who participated in the 2012 season so I also intend to continue to grow the STUNT program and hopefully take home a 1st place title in STUNT (Division 2).”

Vanessa is proud to announce that two of the members of her Cheer team at Sierra have been chosen for the First Team All Americans for the 2012 season of STUNT. Only twenty cheer team members across the country received this honor. More information can be found on

To contact Vanessa call: Phone: (916) 660-7800

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