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BSN Merger Track

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In collaboration with California State University Sacramento (CSUS) we are now able to offer selected Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) students an opportunity to pursue their Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) degree concurrently during the ADN program.

This new BSN Merger Track is integrated into the ADN program and will begin during the summer between the first and second year; therefore, students must first complete all prerequisites for, apply to, and be accepted into the ADN program during the annual application cycle. [See the Registered Nursing (ADN) Traditional Track Prerequisites and Application/Selection links. Note: Co-requisites for the ADN and BSN programs differ. Applicants are encouraged to meet with an academic counselor to plan for completion of those courses.]

Applications for the BSN merger track will be accepted during the second week of the first semester of the ADN program. Acceptance will be determined by lottery.

Financial Aid is available from both institutions with the exception of the first summer session (between the first and second year of the Sierra College ADN program).

Merged Curriculum Pattern

After acceptance into the ADN program, and in addition to the regular program curriculum, students will participate in courses at CSUS per the following schedule:

  • ADN 1st Semester at Sierra College (11 units): Apply for CSUS ADN to BSN program
  • ADN 2nd Semester at Sierra College (11 units): Selection of candidates for CSUS ADN to BSN program
  • Summer: Upper division GE courses at CSUS (6 units)
  • ADN 3rd Semester at Sierra College (11 units)
  • ADN 4th Semester at Sierra College (11 units) AND Leadership & Management at CSUS (6 units)
  • Summer: ADN Graduate; pass NCLEX; Community and Research courses at CSUS (9 units)
  • Fall: BSN Graduate; Critical Thinking, Project, and Leadership & Management courses at CSUS (12 units)
Sierra College: ADN Program Cost Break Down
 Tuition*BooksOther - Approx
1st Semester 11 units: $506 Approx: $800-900 ATI Materials: $610
Incidentals: $200-300
Uniform:  $100
2nd Semester 11 units: $506 Approx: $50 Incidentals: $100
3rd Semester 11 units: $506 Approx: $50 Incidentals: $50
4th Semester 11 units: $506 Approx: $50 NCLEX Practice Exam: $41
Incidentals: $10

*Tuition is subject to change due to mandatory campus wide fee increases.

Sac State: ADN to BSN Cost Break Down
Tuition*BooksOther - Approx
After First Year ADN
6 units: $2550 Approx: $200-300 Department Application Fee: $75
CSU Mentor Application Fee: $55
Of 4th Semester ADN
6 units: $2550 Approx: $300-700 Writing Placement Exam: $25
Graduation Application Fee: $63.50
After AS Awarded
9 units: $3825 Approx: $300-700 Live Scan: $50 (if placed in a school for community health practicum)
Fall 12 units: $5100 Approx: $300-700  

*Tuition is subject to change due to mandatory campus wide fee increases.    

Co-Requisites – Statistics and English 1B or 1C are required for BSN graduation. It is highly recommended that students complete these courses before the fourth semester of the Sierra College ADN Program.

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