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Student Skills

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Sierra College provides a variety of courses aimed at promoting student success. Student Skills courses offered are designed to assist students with their transition to and progress through college.


You can find all Student Skills classes in our catalog

Learning Disabilities Courses

Orientation to the Learning Disabilities program and assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses to determine eligibility for learning disability services using step by step guidelines mandated by the California Community College system. (pass/no pass grading) (not degree applicable)

Perceptual Training Courses

Courses offered in this department are designed primarily for Learning Disabled students. The emphasis is placed on perceptual development through an individualized program. These courses may include vision training, auditory processing/discrimination, and learning strategies.

Personal Development Courses

Courses offered in this department are designed to assist students with the transition to college life by setting realistic educational, career, and personal goals.

Skill Development Courses

Skill Development classes are offered through the Learning Resource Center. SKDV 1 is a one-unit course which is part of the tutor training qualifications. SKDV 801 is a non-credit course that provides tutoring or learning assistance to students in all disciplines.

All students who use tutoring or learning assistance will enroll in SKDV 801 Supervised Tutorials.

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