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Dropping from Courses

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As a registered student it is your responsibility to drop courses you do not plan to attend. The professor's signature is not required.

You may drop courses on the web through your mySierra account or in person at the Admissions Office. For further details please refer to our Registration webpage.

If you do not attend or stop attending courses and fail to personally drop by the Deadline to Withdraw and receive a "W", you may receive a letter grade.

For refund information, see Refunds.

Full-term Courses

Full-term courses dropped within the Add/ Drop/ Refund Period will not appear on the student's academic record. Courses dropped after this period will appear on the student's record with a "W" and are called withdrawals. The academic record of a student who remains in class beyond the deadline to withdraw will reflect a grade other than "W".

For Full-term courses please refer to the Semester Calendar for the applicable semester to determine the Add/ Drop/ Refund Deadline or the Deadline to Withdraw and receive a "W".

Short-term and Fast-Track Courses

Short-term and Fast-track courses have their own individual deadlines which can be verified by the professor or by calling Admissions and Records at (916) 660-7340. All deadlines for each Short-term and Fast-track course are also printed on your class schedule/ fee receipt located in your mySierra account.

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