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Edgar Ruiz

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Executive Director The Council of State Governments-West

Edgar RuizEdgar Ruiz is the Executive Director of the Council of State Governments–WEST (CSG-WEST), a position he has held since November 2011. His professional background expands over 20 years in the public and non-profit sectors that have provided him a strong organizational foundation and knowledge of local, regional, national and international policy issues and politics.  In his current role he oversees the strategic development, direction and implementation of the organization’s programs and services for legislators and legislatures of 13 Western states which provide a platform for regional cooperation, exchange of information and professional development opportunities. Moreover, he supervises the organization’s international programs and activities with Canada and Mexico, including the United States–Mexico State Alliance Partnership.

He holds a Juris Doctor from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento, as well as a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University. He has written several publications on U.S.–Mexico relations and western water policy issues.

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