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Online Counseling Appointments

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If you are a Sierra College continuing student and have Sierra College transcripts only, OR 30 units or less from other colleges AND your official other college transcripts have been received by our Admissions and Records department this service could be the counseling option for you. This service is not for new students. 

This service utilizes Adobe Connect e-conferencing technology for Online Counseling Appointments.

How to Schedule an Online Counseling Appointment:

  • Click on the Canvas link on the top right of this webpage. Log in to your Canvas account. 
  • Double-click on your name in the top right hand corner of your Canvas account. 
  • Click on the Starfish link in the left column.
  • Click on Services on the top menu bar in Starfish. 
  • Scroll until you see the Online Counseling Center logo. 
  • Click on the Schedule Appointment link. 
  • Once you schedule your Online Counseling Appointment an email will be sent to your mySIERRA email account with the date and time of your appointment, a link to the Adobe Connect Online Counseling Room, and a link to these PDF directions on How to Set up Your Tablet, Smartphone, or Computer and Attend Your Oniine Counseling Appointment. 

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