Sierra College Students Share Their Stories with California Community College Leaders

October 7, 2021
Ccc Chancellor Listening Tour
Ccc Chancellor Listening Tour

Written by: Sierra College

On October 6, 2021 Sierra College students were at the center of attention across the California Community College system. Acting Chancellor Dr. Daisy Gonzales, California Statewide Student President Gerardo Chavez and other leaders spent the day talking to students, touring campus, and learning about student needs as the kickoff for the 2021 Student Centered Listening Tour.

At a hosted lunch event, Dr. Gonzales opened the discussion with her own story of being a child in foster care, and how community colleges (five of them) helped her discover she wanted to be a teacher, and eventually a leader to help others have the same opportunities she did. Following her inspirational story, several students bravely shared theirs.

Students who would like to have their voice heard can participate in the survey at