Spring 2021 Athletics Update

December 17, 2020

Since athletic competition was halted in March 2020, Sierra College has been working with local and state health, education, and athletics leaders of our conference schools on how to best return to competition.

We know the importance athletics plays in the lives of many of our students, and continue to try and be transparent and up front about the decisions that impact student athletes at Sierra.

Following a meeting of the athletic directors of our conference schools, Sierra College fall and winter sports athletic teams will not be participating in intercollegiate competition this spring, however, we are doing everything possible to move forward with athletic training and practice for these sports, as well as exploring how we can move forward with competition for spring sports.

Teams will continue small group conditioning within the guidelines outlined in the Sierra College Athletics Plan.

We have a commitment to our students to keep them safe as well as moving forward to meet their academic and athletic goals and with this in mind we are:

  • Continuing fall and winter sports conditioning in small groups.
  • Exploring which spring sports may be able to move forward with competition with a decision in February.