Board of Trustees

Serving the Sierra College Community

The Sierra College District is governed by a locally-elected, seven-member Board of Trustees consisting of community professionals, business officials, public policy leaders, and leading citizens. They offer their time and talent to ensure that Sierra College remains responsive to local community needs while staying true to our mission and vision. Learn more about our Board of Trustees and our board policies and administrative procedures.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Open Session: 4:00 p.m.
Held via Zoom
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About the Board of Trustees

Learn more about our goals, objectives, and our board of trustees members. 

 Sierra College District Board of Trustees Area Map

 Use our District Map to view a map of the boundaries.

Headshot of Bob Romness

Bob Romness, Area 1

Bob Romness currently serves as the Executive Director of the Lincoln Volunteer Center, a position he has held since 1999. For the past five years, Bob was the CEO of the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce. Before that, he was an Associate Pastor at Heritage Church in Lincoln, a church he and his family helped start in 1994. Prior to that, he was the Owner/Manager of a bicycle store in Yuba City for 25 years.

Bob also sits as a Board Member with three local organizations; the Western Placer Education Foundation, Placer Valley Tourism, and Community Christian Schools, an elementary and preschool he helped his late wife Becky start in 1995. He is also a founding member of the Community Foundation of Lincoln. He has a passion for building community, serving businesses, and engaging local residents in community service. 

Headshot of Paul Bancroft

Paul Bancroft, Board Vice President, Area 2

Paul Bancroft was born in Truckee and raised in North Lake Tahoe. He has worked with Tahoe SAFE (Stopping Abuse For Everyone) Alliance since 2008, initially as a Prevention Educator working with youth on violence prevention, consent and healthy relationships. After working as a program coordinator and director, he became the executive director in 2016. Bancroft has a Master’s Degree in Latin American and Iberian Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages and Literature with an emphasis in Spanish and Education from Montana State University. He currently serves as Board Vice President.

Headshot of Scott Leslie

Scott Leslie, Area 3

Scott Leslie was elected to the Board in 2004. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from California State Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo and an M.B.A. from San Diego State University. He lives with his wife and children in Roseville.

Headshot of Carol Garcia

Carol Chilton Garcia, Board President, Area 4

Carol Chilton Garcia is a fifth-generation Roseville resident who attended Sierra College and received a Bachelor's of Arts degree from CSU, Sacramento. Her community banking career spans 37 years and she is currently a Senior Vice President for Community 1st Bank in Roseville. For the past 22 years, Carol has volunteered her time with local non-profits, service clubs and City of Roseville committees and commissions. Carol served on the Roseville City Council from 2007-2016, ending her term as mayor for the city. Carol resides in Roseville with her husband of 35 years, and they have two adult daughters. She currently serves as the Board President.

Headshot of Cari Dawson Bartley

Cari Dawson Bartley, Area 5

Cari Dawson Bartley has had relatives in this area for three generations. She and her immediate family have lived in Auburn since 1999. She was an early enrollee in the “early college high school” movement, which today allows students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Cari earned her A.A.S. degree in Visual Media Technology from Spokane Falls Community College in Washington state. Working in media-related businesses, both in design and marketing, and later as a co-owner and operator of a newspaper company, Cari more recently was the Executive Editor and Marketing Director for a company providing content to media outlets. Prior to becoming a Trustee, Cari was actively involved in education as a mother and school volunteer.

Headshot of Nancy B. Palmer

Nancy B. Palmer, Area 6

Nancy B. Palmer has lived in Grass Valley since 1973 and has long been a community activist. She was first elected to the Board of Trustees in 1994. Her professional and service organizations include the Rotary Club and Friends of Hospice. She is currently President of the Placer County School Boards Association and also serves on the Placer County Treasury Oversight Committee.

Headshot of Bob Sinclair

Bob Sinclair, Area 7

Bob Sinclair is a life-long resident of Placer County, born in Auburn and raised in Roseville. Bob has lived the past 25 years in Rocklin, California, with his wife Christine, a retired public educator. He is a partner in the law firm of Sinclair Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain, Attorneys at Law, with offices in Roseville and Auburn. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from the University of California, Davis, and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Santa Clara, School of Law. Prior to entering private practice, Bob served as a judicial clerk for the California Supreme Court and staff attorney for the Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District. He has practiced law in Placer County for over 39 years. Since 2007, in addition to his law practice, Bob serves on the Board of Directors of Community 1st Bank, headquartered in Auburn.

Bob has been a member of the Rotary Club of Roseville since 1979 and was a founding director of the Rotary Club of Roseville Foundation. He served as President in 1993-1994 and was selected as an Outstanding Roseville Rotarian in 1998. Bob has also been a member of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce since 1979, having served as its President in 2006. In 2014, Bob was honored to receive the Edward M. Friedman Community Service Award in recognition of his many contributions to the local community.

Headshot of TJ Bahia

Tajinder (TJ) Bahia, Student

TJ Bahia is the student body President and Student Trustee at Sierra College, where she is entering her final year studying Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. She formerly served as the Communications Officer for Region II and the Vice Chair of Communications statewide for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. She also formerly led Sierra College's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter, Beta Mu Zeta, as President. She has been an active member of campus clubs and student life throughout her time at Sierra and can be found connecting students to campus programs and resources. She is a regular advocate for education accessibility, remaining a vocal proponent of equal access and equitable practices, studying and creating accessible media for student leaders, and TAing for an open, introductory Computer Science course at Stanford. Through her involvement with various higher education organizations, she champions efforts to empower student voices across the state. She spends her free time working on writing for her book, developing community-centered social apps, and cuddling with her shih tzu, Clark.

The Board of Trustees will ensure that Sierra College continues to richly enhance the communities we serve by:

  • Encouraging development and expansion of innovative programs, partnerships, and delivery methods.
  • Developing and implementing enrollment and scheduling strategies to improve student success.
  • Supporting efforts to eliminate the equity gap for all students including underrepresented and underserved students.
  • Continuing to increase and improve distance learning opportunities and online support for students, while addressing related equity gaps and challenges for our most at-risk students
  • Fostering a safe environment, without racism, bigotry and discrimination, that values equity, inclusion, inclusion and civility
  • Continuing to practice sound fiscal management by developing and implementing a variety of strategies to provide college facilities for current and future student program needs.
  • Increasing public support for the college through enhanced visibility, community involvement, and advocacy efforts.

Excerpt from the Board of Trustees and Superintendent/President 2020-21 Goals (Approved 9/15/20)

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Sierra College’s governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures are listed within the appropriate chapters and related links have been created to provide maximum information. For additional information or assistance, please contact the President’s Office at (916) 660-7000.

View Board Policies and Administrative Procedures Index.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
1100 The Sierra Joint Community College District None
1200 District Mission None


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
2010 Board of Trustees Membership None
2015 Student Member None
2100 Board of Trustees Elections None
2105 Election of Student Member of the Board of Trustees None
2110 Vacancies on the Board of Trustees 2110
2130 Term Limits of the Board of Trustees None
2200 Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees None
2210 Officers of the Board of Trustees None
2220 Committees of the Board of Trustees None
2305 Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board of Trustees None
2310 Regular Meetings of the Board of Trustees None
2315 Closed Sessions of the Board of Trustees None
2320 Special and Emergency Meetings of the Board of Trustees 2320
2330 Quorum and Voting of the Board of Trustees None
2340 Board of Trustees Agendas 2340
2345 Public Participation at Board of Trustees Meetings None
2350 Speakers Before the Board of Trustees None
2355 Decorum at Board of Trustees Meetings None
2360 Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Trustees 2360
2365 Recording of Meetings of the Board of Trustees See Below
AP only Public Access to Recordings of Meetings of the Board of Trustees 2365
2410 Board Policies and Administrative Procedures 2410
2428 Civil Litigation None
2430 Board of Trustees Delegation of Authority to the Superintendent/President None
2431 Superintendent/President Selection by the Board of Trustees None
2432 Superintendent/President Succession None
2435 Board of Trustees Evaluation of the Superintendent/President 2435
2510 Participation in Local Decision Making of the Board of Trustees See Below
AP only Participatory Governance 2510
2610 Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals 2610
2710 Conflict of Interest 2710
AP only Conflict of Interest Code 2712
2715 Board of Trustees Code of Ethics None
2716 Board of Trustees Political Activity None
2717 Board Members Personal Use of Public Resources None
2720 Communications Among Members of the Board of Trustees None
2725 Board Member Compensation None
2730 Board Member Health Benefits None
2735 Board Member Travel None
2740 Board of Trustees Education None
2745 Board of Trustees Self-Evaluation None
2750 Board Member Absence from the State None
2900 Board of Trustees "Vision 2020" None


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
2710 Conflict of Interest 2710
AP only (CHRO) Institutional Code of Ethics 3050
3100 (CHRO) Organizational Structure 3100
3200 (VP) Accreditation 3200
3225 Institutional Effectiveness 3225
3250 (VP) Institutional Planning 3250
3280 (Pres) Grants 3280
3300 (Pres) Public Records 3300
AP only (VPSS) Sierra College Archives 3301
3310 (VPA) Records Retention & Destruction 3310
3410 (EEO) Nondiscrimination 3410
3415 (EEO) Employee Designee for LGBT Faculty, Staff and Students 3415
AP Only Immigration Enforcement Activities 3416
3420 (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunity 3420
3430 Prohibition of Harassment 3430 & 3435
AP Only (EEO) Discrimination & Harassment Investigations 3435
3500 (VPA) Campus Safety 3500
3501 Campus Security and Access 3501
3503 Missing Student Notification 3503
3505 (VPA) Emergency Response Plan 3505
3510 (CHRO) Workplace Violence Plan 3510
3515 (VPA) Reporting of Crimes 3515
AP Only (VPA) Registered Sex Offender Information 3516
3518 (CHRO) Child Abuse Reporting 3518
3520 (VPA) Local Law Enforcement 3520
3530 (VPA) Weapons on Campus 3530
3540 Sexual Assault on Campus 3540
3550 (CHRO) Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program 3550
3560 (Pres) Alcoholic Beverages 3560
3570 (VPSS) Smoking, Use of Tobacco, Non-regulated Nicotine and Other Vapor Producing Products 3570
3601 (VPA) Sierra College Foundation None
3710 Intellectual Property and Copyright None
AP only Intellectual Property 3715
3720 (VPA) Computer and Network Use 3720
AP only (VPA) Data Backup and Recovery Procedures 3721
AP only Electronic Information Security 3722
AP only (VPI) Use of Copyrighted Material 3750
3810 (VPA) Claims Against the District 3810
3820 (VPA) Gifts and Donations 3820
3900 (VPSS) Speech: Time, Place, and Manner 3900
3910 (VPA) Solicitation 3910
3920 (VPSS) Visitors on Campus 3920
AP only (VPSS) Service Animals on Campus 3925


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
4010 Academic Calendar 4010
4020 Program, Curriculum, and Course Development 4020
4021 Program Vitality 4021
AP only Course Approval 4022
4023 Strategic Reduction of Educational Programs 4023
4025 Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education 4025
4030 Academic Freedom None
4040 Library Services 4040
4050 Articulation 4050
4060 Delineation of Functions Agreement None
4070 Course Auditing and Auditing Fees 4070
4100 Graduation Requirements for Degrees and Certificates 4100
AP only Independent Study 4101
AP only Career and Technical Education Programs 4102
AP only Work Experience 4103
AP only Contract Education 4104
AP only Distance Education 4105
4106 Nursing Programs 4106
4110 Honorary Degrees 4110
4220 Standards of Scholarship See Below
AP only Standards of Scholarship - Delegation 4220
AP only Basic Skills Coursework 4222
4225 Course Repetition 4225
4226 Multiple and Overlapping Enrollments 4226
AP only Courses Designated as Repeatable 4227
AP only Courses Repetition - Significant Lapse of Time 4228
AP only Course Repetition - Variable Units 4229
4230 Grading and Academic Record Symbols 4230
4231 Grade Changes 4231
AP only Pass/No Pass 4232
4235 Credit by Examination See Below
---- Credit by Examination 4235
Advanced Placement Credit 4236
4240 Academic Renewal 4240
4250 Probation 4250
AP only Dismissal and Readmission 4255
4260 Prerequisites, Co-requisites, Advisories and Limitations on Enrollment 4260
4300 Field Trip Excursions 4300
4400 Community Education Programs 4400
4500 College News Media None
AP only Instructional Service Agreements 4610
AP only Human Subjects Research 4620


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
5010 Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment See Below
AP only Admissions 5010
AP only Admissions and Enrollment of Academic Enrichment Students 5011
AP only Admission of International Students 5012
5015 Residence Determination 5015
AP only Responding to Inquiries of Immigration Status, Citizenship Status, and National Origin Information 5017
5020 Non-Resident Tuition None
5030 Tuition and Fees None
AP only Instructional Materials Fees 5031
AP only Collection of Fees and Refunds 5032
5035 Withholding of Student Records None
5040 Student Records, Directory Information and Privacy 5040
AP only Challenging Content and Access to Records 5045
5050 Student Success and Support Programs 5050
5052 Open Courses 5052
5055 Enrollment Priorities 5055
AP only Attendance 5070
AP only Class Adds, Drops and Withdrawals 5075
AP only Waitlists 5076
5110 Counseling 5110
5120 Transfer Center 5120
5130 Financial Aid 5130
5140 Disabled Students Programs and Services 5140
5150 Extended Opportunity Programs and Services 5150
5200 Student Health Services None
5205 Student Accident Insurance None
5210 Communicable Disease 5210
5220 Shower Facilities for Homeless Students 5220
5300 Student Equity 5300
5400 Associated Student Organizations 5400
AP only Associated Students Elections 5410
5420 Associated Students Finances 5420
5500 Standards of Student Conduct None
5515 Honesty in Academic Work 5515
AP only Student Discipline Procedures and Due Process 5520
AP only Nursing Student Discipline Procedures and Due Process 5521
AP only Firefighter Academy, Law Enforcement Academy and Emergency Medical Technician Program Student Discipline Procedures and Due Process 5522
5530 Student Rights and Grievances 5530
5570 Student Credit Card Solicitation 5570
5580 Campus Housing 5580
AP only Voter Registration 5610
5700 Intercollegiate Athletics None
5800 Prevention of Identity Theft in Student Financial Aid Transactions 5800


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
6100 Delegation of Authority, Business and Fiscal Affairs 6100
6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures 6150
6200 Budget Preparation 6200
6250 Budget Management 6250
6300 Fiscal Management 6300
6307 Debt Issuance and Management 6307
6310 General Fund Reserve None
6320 Investments 6320
6330 Purchasing 6330
6340 Bids and Contracts 6340
AP only Bids and Contracts - UPCCAA 6345
AP only Contracts - Construction 6350
AP only Contracts - Electronic Systems & Materials 6360
AP only Contracts - Accessibility of Information Technology 6365
AP only Contracts - Personal Services 6370
6400 Financial Audits 6400
6450 Wireless or Cellular Telephone Use 6450
6500 Property Management 6500
6505 Energy and Resources Conservation 6505
6520 Security for District Property 6520
6530 District Vehicles 6530
6535 Use of District Equipment and Laboratories 6535
6540 Insurance 6540
6550 Disposal of Property 6550
6600 Capital Construction 6600
6620 Naming Buildings 6620
AP only Commemorative Items on Sierra College Campuses 6621
AP only Arts, Exhibits, and Displays in Public Places 6625
6700 Civic Center & Other Facilities Use 6700
6750 Parking and Traffic 6750
6800 Safety 3510
AP only Smoking, Use of Tobacco, Non-regulated Nicotine and Other Vapor Producing Products 3570
AP only Drug and Alcohol Testing 7327
AP only Industrial Accidents and Illness 7343
6850 Hazardous Materials Program See Below
AP only Hazardous Materials Program: CAL/OSHA Posting Requirements 6850
6900 Bookstores 6900
6905 Food Services None


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
2710 Conflict of Interest 2710
7100 (EEO) Commitment to Diversity 7100
7110 Delegation of Authority, Human Resources 7110
7114 (EEO) Faculty Internship Program for Staff Diversity 7114
7120 Recruitment and Hiring 7120
AP only Verification of Eligibility for Employment 7125
AP only Applicant Background Check 7126
7130 Compensation 7130
7140 Collective Bargaining None
AP only Employee Personnel Files 7145
AP only Release of Employee Personnel Information 7146
AP only Evaluation 7150
7210 Academic Employees 7210
7211 Faculty Service Areas, Minimum Qualification, and Equivalency Process 7211
AP only Temporary Faculty 7212
AP only Part-Time Faculty: Benefits 7213
AP only Part-Time Faculty: Office Hours 7214
AP only Academic Employees: Probationary Contract 7215
AP only Academic Employees: Grievance Procedure for Contract Decisions 7216
7217 Reduced Workload - Faculty 7217
7220 Unrepresented Employees Handbook None
7230 Classified Employees None
AP only Seniority 7231
AP only Classification Review 7232
AP only Claims of Work Out of Classification 7233
AP only Overtime 7234
AP only Probationary Period: Classified Employees 7235
AP only Substitute and Short-Term Employees 7236
AP only Layoffs 7237
7240 Confidential Employees 7240
7250 Educational Administrators None
7260 Classified Supervisors and Managers None
7270 Student Workers 7270
7310 Nepotism 7310
AP only Blood-Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Program Plan 7321 (CHRO)
7327 Drug and Alcohol Testing 7327
7330 Communicable Disease 7330
7335 Health Examinations 7335
AP only Certification of Freedom from Tuberculosis 7336
AP only Fingerprinting 7337
7340 Leaves 7340
AP only Sabbaticals 7341
AP only Holidays 7342
AP only Industrial Accidents and Illness 7343
AP only Notifying District of Illness 7344
7345 Catastrophic Leave 7345
AP only Employees Called to Military Duty 7346
AP only  Accommodations 7348
7349 Return to Work Program 7349
7350 Resignations None
7360 Discipline and Dismissals, Academic Employees 7360
7365 Discipline and Dismissals, Classified Employees 7365
7370 Political Activity 7370
AP only Personal Use of Public Resources 7371
AP only Pesticide Application 7372
7380 Retiree Health Benefits 7380
7385 Salary Deductions 7385
AP only Transfer of Sick Leave 7387
7400 Travel 7400
AP only Volunteers 7500
7510 Domestic Partners None
7600 Campus Security Officers 7600
7700 Whistleblower Protections 7700
7715 (EEO) Title IX None
7800 Professional and Organizational Development/Training 7800


Sierra College is continuously reviewing and updating its Policies and Procedures. Therefore, the information contained at this site may be in the process of being revised.