Measure E Citizens’ Oversight Committee Members Appointed

The Sierra College Board of Trustees appointed the first members of the Measure E Citizens’ Oversight Committee at the February 12 Board meeting. The Board had previously passed the resolution establishing the committee and the committee bylaws at the October 2018 meeting. The call for applications was widely advertised in the local newspapers, on the college website, and through email distribution. 

“It was an outstanding pool of applicants,” noted Sierra College Superintendent/President Willy Duncan. “We are very appreciative of the time and effort these community members are willing to commit to this process,” he added. Of the twenty-four applications, the Board appointed the following twelve members:   

  • David Bowen (Granite Bay)
  • Dave Breninger (Roseville)
  • David Butler (Rocklin)
  • David Clemens (Rocklin)
  • Richard Colwell (Penryn)
  • Kathleen Crawford (Roseville)
  • Richard Moore (Lincoln)
  • Sean Radford (Roseville)
  • Marsha Rhodes (Roseville)
  • Howard Rudd (Roseville)
  • Jeff Short (Roseville)
  • Trudy Van Dyk (Rocklin)

The members’ initial terms will vary, with some serving for one year and others serving two years. All members may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. The committee will be responsible for providing oversight of the $350 million in Measure E bonds approved by voters last June to fund needed upgrades and new construction projects at the Rocklin Campus, and to ensure bond proceeds are expended for purposes specified in the ballot measure. The committee will provide an annual report to the Board, summarizing the committee’s proceedings and activities for the year.

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