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How You Can Support Sierra College

Gifts to Sierra College Foundation provide support to the programs, services and students of Sierra College. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We offer a variety of ways to support Sierra College programs and services.

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Ways You Can Help

How to Give

Contributions to support Sierra College can be made in the form of:

We accept cash, check or credit cards payable to Sierra College Foundation.

Cash is the most direct way to make a gift for achieving the goals proposed for the Sierra College Foundation. Funds received for endowment will be invested according to policies approved by the Sierra College Foundation’s Board of Directors.

This includes corporations, partnerships and forms of business organization. The tax deduction is based on the appraised, fair market value. Common partnership gifts include those involving real estate, oil and gas properties or equipment leases.

Under special circumstances, a partnership interest may also be used to fund a charitable lead trust. Another option is a family limited partnership, which is used to arrange for the orderly transfer of stock to the next generation and to receive substantial estate and gift tax savings.

The inclusion of the Foundation as one of the limited partners results in favorable tax treatment for you and the successors in the partnership.

Corporations encourage employees and retirees to make charitable gifts by agreeing to match personal donations with an equal or greater corporate contribution.

To initiate a matching gift, please complete your employer’s matching gift form (either through your company’s matching gift online system or by completing a hard copy form) and send it, along with your gift, to Sierra College Foundation.

Please use the following information to fill out the form:

Once we receive your form, we will complete the form, certifying that we have received your gift and that it is an eligible match. We will send the form to your employer (or verify online, if applicable), who sends the matching funds to Sierra College Foundation.

Upon receipt of the matching gift, we will notify you in writing.

You can establish an endowment fund to benefit Sierra College. A minimum of $20,000 is required for endowed funds.

How does an endowment work?

  • Funds are treated as principal and are permanently invested.
  • Earnings from the investments are distributed each year.
  • Endowment provides a solid base for annual funding to support student success, program enhancement and community enrichment.
  • All investments are managed professionally in a diversified portfolio.
  • The donor may designate the endowment name and its purpose.
  • Endowment is an on-going means of support for higher education in Placer and Nevada Counties.

 What are the benefits of being an endowment donor?

  • Prominent honor for donor and their family, company or organization.
  • Community recognition through Sierra College Foundation's Circle of Honor and publications.
  • Quality of life contribution to the future of the college and the community.
  • Savings in estate, capital gains and income taxes.
  • Leadership example for others to follow. 

How does an endowment benefit Sierra College and the community?

  • Reduces financial barriers to attending college.
  • Provides greater opportunities for life and career enhancement.
  • Enriches classroom experience.
  • Provides high quality instruction to students.
  • Allows for state-of-the-art technology and equipment.
  • Reflects confidence in the college's mission and role.

There are many types of life insurance gifts. The most common is assignment of an existing policy that is currently in force and paid up. The donor names the Foundation owner and beneficiary. The benefits to you are in both gift and estate tax considerations. 

In a gift of a policy that is not paid up, later premium payments are also deductible for tax purposes. Federal tax regulations indicate that the gift value of an insurance policy is the cash value of the policy at the time of transfer of ownership. Life insurance arrangements might take one of the following forms:

  • Making the Foundation owner and beneficiary of an existing policy
  • Purchasing a new policy for the Foundation
  • Replacing charitable gifts in one’s estate

Marketable securities make excellent gifts for many donors to consider. When you own securities that have a long-term gain and give them to the Foundation, you may be able to take the full fair market value of the securities as a charitable deduction on your income tax returns and also avoid all capital gains taxes. 

The quickest and easiest way to transfer securities to the Foundation is to instruct your broker to transfer the securities from your account to one registered to the Foundation at the same brokerage house. If the Foundation does not have an account with the brokerage house, it is a simple matter to set one up, and Foundation officials can facilitate this. 

If you choose to deliver stock certificates, they should be sent unendorsed. To transfer the securities, you should execute a stock power, naming “Sierra College Foundation” as the new owner.

If mailed, the unendorsed certificates and the stock power should be sent in separate envelopes. Please note that transferring securities between brokerage houses or through the transfer agent are the least desirable methods as they may delay the transfer by as much as two weeks and make it more difficult for you to control the date of the gift.

As with marketable securities, a gift of mutual fund shares – if held long-term and have experienced appreciation – can enjoy the double advantage of a charitable deduction and capital gains avoidance. 

If the shares are kept in “street name” at a brokerage house, the transfer procedure is similar to that for marketable securities. If the shares are held at the mutual fund company, be sure to follow the company’s transfer procedures.

Gifts of tangible personal property related to the mission of the Foundation are welcomed. At its option, the Foundation may retain such items in its permanent collections. You may take an income tax deduction for the appraised fair market value of the objects.

Leave a lasting legacy with a gift that makes a difference. Visit our planned giving site to learn more about planned giving. Also learn how you can become a member of our Sierra Legacy Society.


With a minimum donation of $5,000, you can make an impact through our Preferred Partner Program. There are several levels to choose from and the benefits associated with each level are customizable. Please contact the Foundation for more information.

Annual Preferred Partner Program

Partner ($5000 -$9,999) Choice Partner ($10,000-$19,999)? Preferred Partner ($20,000-$49,999) Exemplary Partner ($100,000 or more)
Recognition in the Annual Honor Roll of Donors X X X X
Honor Roll of Donors X X X X
Invitation to Major Donor Reception X X X X
President's Society Lapel Pin X X X X
Two Tickets to Sierra College Theatre Production X X X X
Two Tickets to President's Breakfast X X X X
Four Season Passes to Wolverine Sports Event X X X
Two Tickets to a Taste of Excellence X X X
Listing on College Wi-Fi Landing Page X X
Recognition in the Sierra College Community Report X X
Public Recognition at a College-wide Major Event X X
Your Name on a Plaque in a Classroom X X
Select Recognition Opportunities X X
Dinner with College President and President of Board of Trustees X

Thank you to our 2018 Preferred Partners

  • Premier Partner: Wells Fargo
  • Premier Partner: Armrod Charitable Foundation
  • Choice Partner: Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Choice Partner: Schools Financial Credit Union
  • Partner: Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Real estate may be given outright or with you, the donor, retaining a life estate contract. The types of property that might be given include residential, rental, business, or farm real estate. Both fractional and total interests will be accepted. The tax deduction is based on the appraised, fair market value.

Gifts to Sierra College Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The contribution deductible for tax purposes is limited to the amount that exceeds the value of any goods and services received by the donor. Tax ID #23-7241877

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