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Costs and Expenses

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Material and Uniform Costs:

Note: Some Personal Protective Equipment will be provided by the Academy, with the exception of footwear, hoods, gloves, structural turnout rental & self-contained breathing apparatus rental (for health reasons). Students must also provide their own uniforms. Specifications and sources for these items will be provided upon being accepted for enrollment in the course.

Financial Aid:

Some students may be eligible to receive financial aid. Both Board of Governor's Fee Waivers and Federal Financial Assistance may be viable options for students seeking assistance. For further information, call the Sierra College Financial Aid Office at the Rocklin Campus in Winstead Center, 916-660-7310.


Required texts for FT 100 will be available for purchase at the Fire Academy Orientations.
Required texts for PE 200 will be available for purchase at the Sierra College Bookstore.


Enrollment fees as set by the California State Legislature, are $46.00 per unit and are subject to change. Students will be responsible for the difference in enrollment fees if such changes are enacted by the Legislature. Following are estimated expenses to participate in the Academy.

Application Fee:

Medical Evaluation and Spirometry Varies; Evaluations are available at the Sierra College Health Center, Rocklin; call 916-660-7490 for appointment. $50.00

Course Fees:

Enrollment Fee

$46.00 per unit x 17.5 units (Fire 100 15 units & PE 200 2.5 units)

Health Fee payable once per semester $18.00
Student Center Fee payable once per semester $5.00
Certification Fees FSTEP $135.00
Certificate Cover   $5.00 This is the program that will allow students to study and review practical and hands on skills from anywhere including home. $50.00

Course Materials:

From approved vendors. Details provided in registration packet.

Textbook/Test Prep-Jones & Bartlett

Textbook, Student Workbook, Navigate EFOLIO, Companion Website, Course Manager, Navigate Test Prep. All in one complete price. $152.00
Binders   $20.00
SCBA   $385.00
Structure gloves   $25.00
Turnout rental   $370.00
Turnout "Bunker" boots   $75.00
Helmet   $65.00
Structure hood   $20.00
Trousers (min. 2)   $50.00
Station boots   $150.00
Shirts (two)   $40.00
T-shirts (min. 3)   $40.00
Belt   $15.00
Baseball cap   $15.00
Physical training uniform   $150.00
TOTAL (approximate) Course Fees + Course Materials $2,640.00

For additional information, contact Sierra College Fire Technology/EMT Programs at 916-781-6251 or 916-781-6255.

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