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Club OLLI Overview

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Continuing students can register for classes by sending an email to:

> > Spring 2015 Club classes

How to Register for Club OLLI

These registration instructions apply to Club OLLI activities ONLY.

Please complete the Club OLLI membership and/or registration form and submit it in one of the following ways:

By Mail

  • Complete Club OLLI registration form and mail to: OLLI at Sierra College, 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 95677.

By Fax

  • Complete Club OLLI registration form and fax to (916) 781-6257, attention: OLLI.

In Person

  • Drop off your completed registration form at the OLLI registration office at the Gateway Campus in Roseville or the admissions and records window at the Nevada County Campus.

By E-Mail

  • Send an email to:
  • Include first and last names, student ID, mailing address, phone number and the course code, title and location for each course.

Please note that based on the high number of Club OLLI members, we cannot accept registrations by phone.

Enjoy your Club OLLI classes!


What does the Annual Club OLLI membership fee cover?

  • When you join Club OLLI, you can attend as many Club OLLI events (classes, lectures, and activities) as you wish throughout the year.
  • Remember, this is not an individual class fee, but rather an annual membership fee that allows you to attend many different activities over the course of a calendar year.

Why does OLLI charge a membership fee to attend some classes but not all of them?

  • The State of California only funds certain subject areas for tuition-free, noncredit courses. The funding does not include any topics related to history, current events, or the sciences. OLLI students have requested courses in these subjects.
  • In order to offer these courses, OLLI must cover the directly related course costs, including instructor salaries. This necessitates charging a nominal fee.

Why are some classes, that were once free, now a part of Club OLLI?

  • To meet the needs of our students, who were requesting courses in these non-funded topics, OLLI initially covered instructor costs through the OLLI grant.

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