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Men's Golf Records

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Season Records

Year Record Season Finish Coaches
2011   Walter Hix III
2010   First Team All Conference Kevin Ponath Tim Hovanscek
2009   Tim Hovanscek
2008   Big 8 Conference Champions Tim Hovanscek
2007 80 - 7 Big 7 Conference Champions Don Edgar,
Tim Hovanscek
Coaches of the Year
2006   2nd place Big 7 Conference Don Edgar, Tim Hovancsek
2005 78-13-1 Bay Valley Conference
Don Edgar, Tim Hovancsek
2004     Don Edgar
2003   5th place in Bay Valley Conference Don Edgar
2002     Don Edgar
2001     Don Edgar
2000     Don Edgar
1999     Don Edgar
1998 35-27 3rd in Bay Valley Conference Don Edgar
1997 30-31-1 4th in Bay Valley Conference Don Edgar
1996 30-42-1   Don Edgar
1995 40-6 Bay Valley Conference Champions Don Edgar
1994 25-34   Don Edgar
1993 14-34   Don Edgar
1992 26-16-1 2nd in Camino Norte Conference, 3rd in NorCals, 7th in State Don Edgar
1991 53-10 Golden Valley Conference Champions, 7th in NorCals Don Edgar
1990 66-17-1 Golden Valley Conference Champions, 6th in NorCals Don Edgar
1989 64-10 Golden Valley Conference Champions, 4th in NorCals, 5th in State Don Edgar
1988   Golden Valley Conference Champions Don Edgar
1987   Golden Valley Conference Champions Don Edgar

Team Records

2006 Conference Team Scores
Delta 48: Sierra 44: Santa Rosa 43: American River 41: Butte 18: Napa 16: Shasta 14
2005 Conference Team Scores
Sierra 131: San Joaquin Delta 131: American River 100: Butte 92: Santa Rosa 81: Napa Valley 39: Shasta 30

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