Division of Student Equity

Supporting and Advancing Student Success with an Equity Lens and Practice

Sierra College is committed to eliminating the equity gaps in all student populations with proactive student centered practices and policies that fully engage the college community while providing intentional high touch support services that advance academic and career success for students.

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Equity facilitates and promotes—through various collaborative programs, initiatives, and services—an equity minded academic, cultural and social environment that contributes to the overall mission of the district in its commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Strategies for Success

Planning with the end in mind, Sierra College encourages students to begin their educational journey with a career exploration and college success focused first year experience that allows students to earn a degree or certificate that leads to a fulfilling career trajectory.

The Division of Student Equity brings instructional and student service programs together to provide intentional high touch support services that advance academic and career success for students.

Student Equity Plan

The Student Equity Plan outlines college success from an equity lens. It recommends policy, procedure and resource changes. The SEP also defines the effective implementation of programs and ensures that professional development opportunities are available and aligned with student equity outcomes.

Student Equity Plan

Sierra College Students Speak Report

Sierra College is committed to closing equity gaps. The Sierra College Students Speak Report provides the college with an opportunity to self-reflect on our current structures and re-envision what we do to better meet the needs of our students.

Programs and Initiatives

Connecting classroom instruction and student services enhances student equity. Student Equity reports to the Vice President of Instruction and the Vice President of Student Services while working with the shared governance structure.

Individualized Support Programs, Support Services and Communities

Sierra College offers a wide range of support programs that provide students with individualized support for a variety of needs, as well as support services that meet the needs of specific communities. Learn more about about our support programs and services

Current Initiatives

  • Acceleration in Math, English and ESL
  • Basic skills coordination
  • Visits to historically Black colleges and universities for students who wish to transfer

Collaborative Initiatives with Other Departments

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