Our Career and Transfer Connections team partners with students, faculty and staff, industry professionals and four-year university representatives to facilitate networking that supports your career and transfer preparation.

Empowering Students for What’s Next

Sierra College staff member assisting a student

Prepare for a Career

We provide resources and guidance to help students research careers, gain career experience, earn credit for internships, and hone their professional development skills, including resume writing.

Five students review college print materials while talking to a college representative.

Prepare for College Transfer

We connect students with four-year university representatives, share general transfer pathway information, and help students navigate the university transfer application process.

Students using computers to search for job and internship information.

Prepare for an Internship

We help students develop internships and guide them through the required steps to earn credit.

Set your goals and make them happen

Get started by browsing career options, attending upcoming events, and seeking job and internships opportunities.